Mystery Shopping Singapore

Have your business services evaluated with objective and accurate feedback 


Mystery Shopping in Singapore is often undertaken by research companies to help local business owners gather objective and accurate opinions about their products and services, with the method being relatively mature market research service and is often used extensively.



Our mystery shoppers in Singapore are well trained and experienced. These “shoppers” are also chosen to work on assignments that they are already directly related to in their daily lives.

This is to ensure that detailed and accurate observation is executed and the whole interactive experience is appraised based on what matters to them, just like your target audiences (e.g. price, environment, service experience, ease of use and efficiency).

A flow chart below shows the simplified process of how mystery shopping in Singapore is done:

These “shoppers” are properly briefed to execute specific tasks to gather detailed assessment on a few particular instances. Data can be “collected” anywhere at any instance, from shopping in a retail store, to calling your service hotlines for general enquiries – all based on your design requirements.

Appraisal of your business service is done almost immediately so that these investigators will be able to recall and provide thorough feedback, ensuring no observations are lost.

These appraisal processes can also work to your company’s benefit in knowing that your staffs are constantly being evaluated about the way they handle enquiries, or how knowledgeable they are about your products and services, to increase their service level awareness and offer the best services any time, anywhere at any place.



The actual long term goal in such evaluation tests is to have your staffs apply the right service quality with the right service mindset naturally, as second-nature.

The feedback will then be consolidated to:

(1)    Undergo analysis and provide useful, pragmatic reports

(2)    Measure up and benchmark against service delivery standards or against your competitors

(3)    Evaluate strengths and weakness so as to plan strategies for improvement or send staffs to receiving customer service training for continuous improvement.

Benchmarking can also be done and measured for each different service industry.

Assessment is focused on the overall customer service standard of the establishment, not on individuals who work within the organization. The number of visits to these companies will vary based on the size of the organization.


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