Business Matching Services

Find partners to expand and improve your business.

With the proliferation of businesses seeking to expand their footprint/network especially in the new frontiers of South-east Asia, it is therefore essential to tap on local insights and capabilities to gain better understanding of the business nuances.

The Asian economic growth has pushed strong consumer demands that provided a platform for positive opportunities for businesses to expand. The accelerated rise of middle-class consumer segment is projected to be 3.2 billion by 2030, from previous population of 525 million in 2009.

These well traveled, educated, socially mobile and more affluent consumers demand sophistication in terms of service offerings that match up to their needs and wants.


Frontline Business Group provides customized Business Matching to clients who are looking at ways to penetrate into new markets in South–east Asia. With our extensive network we can identify and link up suitable local partners to forge win-win strategy for clients.

Our hands-on approach include:

  • Potential Partner Assessment and Matching
  • Business Development Support
  • Customized Business Recce Missions
  • Hosting Customized Executive Trips and Sight Visits
  • Translation services

With the ever changing business landscape, it is vital that businesses find new markets opportunities in different demographics to stay ahead of the competition.

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