Market Research Asia

Exciting opportunities in the world’s largest and most populous continent.

Market research in Asia is on the rise for several reasons, with the main ones listed below:  

(1) It’s the biggest continent on the planet with an estimated population of 4.3 billion.

(2) Population growth in Asia almost quadrupled in the 20th century, and is set to grow even further.

(3) Asia has the second largest nominal GDP of all continents, after Europe.

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Recent Asia market research figures suggest that the potential consumer market in the region is tremendous, especially with the emergence of social media and the internet of things where people and businesses are increasingly being connected to each other – faster than ever before (80% of Asians living in a household has internet access, which is the highest rate among race and ethnic groups –  U.S. Census Bureau).

Thus, Asia is a key region for any company looking for expansion and growth

Stationed in Singapore, Frontline’s core focus is on Asia and it is strategically poised to offer holistic market research in Asia to provide companies the best business practices within the Asian global emerging markets for growth and expansion purposes.

This is done by conducting specific Market Research activities, analysis (qualitative and quantitative data collection) and forecasts in key interest countries, thereby providing the key knowledge, information and strategic intelligence for your specific industry in Asia.


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Despite its global emergence as the world’s fastest growing market, penetration and expansion in Asia does have its difficulties, for example:

(1)    Complications in gathering market data in certain countries (e.g. Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam) unless one possesses the local knowledge required

(2)    The region constantly faces political challenges and constraints, resulting in swift economic and demographic changes.

(3)    Cultural differences can be huge across borders and the need to understand them 

(4)    Lack of resources within countries of interests

Because of these constraints, many international businesses in Asia often do not develop the full potential of growing local and regional clients.

Frontline’s Asia market research expertise expands into countries such as Myanmar and Indonesia – where research data can be difficult to obtain and verify. 

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Frontline Business Group also constantly looks into the political and economic situation in Asia to gather business information, trade and industry trends, all for the purpose of adopting your business vision to help you identify and unleash your businesses’ full potential across Asia.

You’ll receive expert advice on how to get more insight value from your Asia Market Research efforts to support business expansion strategies and opportunities across the Asia-pacific region.

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