Customer Experience Management

Convert loyal customers to create your very own community. 


Customer experience management (CEM) deals with the collective workflow and managing of a customer’s lifestage in using a company’s products and services.

It involves gathering customers’ feedback and experience from their interaction with your business to improve customer satisfaction.

Thus, customer experience management focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of its customers – and to form a community where everyone has constant access to communicating with the business itself, striving to turn voice of customers (VOC) into improvement opportunities. 


CEM therefore requires a company to have the ability to study a consumer’s behavioral patterns and their choices so as to recognize their needs, desires and expectations, through continuous interactions with them.

Methods in which your business can benefit from excellent Customer Experience Management includes:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Create brand loyalty and brand awareness
  • Provide superior brand experience and brand preference to consumers
  • Having loyal consumers advocate for your product and services via word-of-mouth (by far the best tool in marketing).
  • Increase revenue with increase sales from repeat customers, as well as new ones.
  • Reduce costs and expenses from acquiring new customers.

Our approach to Customer Experience Management (CEM) program involves the use of Mystery Shopping program + front-line hybrid training



Frontline also offers an integrated solution to business owners by providing service training solutions bundled with CEM consultancy, all with the aim of forging greater relationships with your clients and customers.

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