Market Research Singapore

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In Singapore, Market Research activities are constantly carried out by various companies and businesses of all industries and sizes – be it small medium enterprises (SMEs) or multi-national companies (MNCs).

Market research in Singapore is crucial for local businesses because it is prone to constant changing external environment and landscapes of the market, faced with ever increasing business competition from its neighbors.

Market Research Singapore

The Singapore market landscape is heavily dependent on factors such as:

  • Legislation from the Singaporean government and other authoritative bodies
  • Changes in consumer behaviour and perception
  • Economic situations across the Singapore demographics
  • Rise of new competition in Singapore
  • Demand and supply shifts
  • Technological innovations and changes
  • Pricing

Businesses in Singapore will need to gather information about Singapore population lifestyle, spending habits, consumer trends, customer profiles (age, gender, and location), income level, and other various information to understand current market situation and make worthwhile business and investment decisions.

Frontline conducts optimum market research in Singapore by integrating market intelligence to get the most out of your market research activities for your businesses.

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Market Research and Consultancy Specialists in Singapore

Base in Singapore, we have the knowledge to provide your business the most relevant research data to stay ahead of your competitors.

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Even for new entrants in the market, Singapore entrepreneurs and business owners need to dive deep into market figures to realize if there is a demand for their new proposed ideas, solutions or products before introducing it to the masses.

It also helps Singapore business owners to understand the market better before entering into the competition with already existing players in the market. 

Above all, market research outcomes need to be always sensible and pragmatic so that it can be brought forward to the actual Singapore local market itself, with measurable results to monitor it’s effectiveness. 



At Frontline, the founders have worked with several local Singapore businesses as well as various Multinational corporations to optimize their business growth with strategic market research in Singapore.

Your business can greatly benefit from our services and solutions as well.

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